Friday, October 22, 2010

Blogging? Okay.

Thought about doing this for a while, creating a more public space to write about life and my family. The theme of this blog? Being a mom, wife, and geek [edit: and a writer. How did I forget about that?!] I think that's a good combo, it makes me at least moderately interesting, right? I hope so.  I get the feeling all of my friends who watch me on LJ in the first place are going to be the only ones who care about this...

Oh well, I'll live with that.  I like my friends, and they're always good at giving good comments on livejournal.

I have a secret. But until my husband knows... no one else can hear what I have to say. Aren't you so excited? I love that I can use italics now with ease.  This is a good place, I think.  I think I will stay here.

Boring post is boring but introductory.  Sorry.


  1. boo on secret. :P i want to know! *tail wag* and blogs are fun. i need to get on mine more. D: i like the easy-to-add-picture feature of blogs, that's usually when i update is when i have pictures. <3

  2. I need to find my camera again... haaah.

  3. I like how you posted once... and then never again. ;)